Facilities Services strives to build meaningful partnerships with our contractors to ensure the fulfilment of the university’s mission of providing exemplary service to students, staff and faculty at Simon Fraser University.

All contractors must carry out their work in strict accordance with the current edition of the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations of WorkSafe BC (WSBC). The Contractor must assume and be responsible for the health and safety of all personnel engaged in the work, whether employed directly by the contractor or by a subcontractor. All contractors and subcontractors must be a registered employer with WSBC.

Please ensure you’ve read and completed SFU’s EHRS Contractor checklist. A completed checklist must be submitted to the SFU Project Manager and EHRS, prior to the start of any work.

Contractor Management

For a brief overview of Contractor Management information, please visit the Safety & Risk Services Contractor Management page.

Procurement information

For information on the purchase of goods and services at SFU, including forms and quick links, please visit the Procurement Services page.