Official Community Plan

Planning for the renewal and development of SFU’s campuses is done by SFU’s Campus Planning department, who have prepared a number of plans designed to ensure the University’s campuses fit in well with their surroundings and comply with the planning processes of the local jurisdictions that they’re part of.

OCP built with the City of Burnaby

The Official Community Plan for Simon Fraser University is one of these: a plan built in conjunction with the City of Burnaby to provide a land use planning framework to guide development on Burnaby Mountain.

The Plan – updated most recently in April 2008 – incorporates the University's needs as well as non-University development, and led to the creation of UniverCity, a model, sustainable residential community, located adjacent to SFU’s Burnaby campus.

Plan principles are key to its strength

Principles that are key to the success of the plan include:

  • Identifying environmentally sensitive areas and protecting their ability to function as ecosystems
  • Identifying a mixture of housing, commercial services, support services and facilities to serve the University and non-University communities.

This quote from the 1996 OCP summarizes the University’s approach to this important process: "SFU reaffirms its commitment to land planning and development reflecting the best practices of environmental stewardship, sensitivity to the aesthetic and heritage value of Burnaby Mountain and compliance with the provisions set out in the Official Community Plan."

For more information, see the Official Community Plan, or visit the City of Burnaby Community Plans website.