Space Inventory Management

Facilities Services has been the steward for the University space data since 2005, maintaining an accurate space inventory and preparing the SFU Annual Space Reports that are submitted to the BC Ministry of Post Secondary Education and Future Skills (PSFS) at the end of each fiscal year. The SFU Space Inventory Report follows common space definitions and space standards specified in the BC Universities Space Manual, including how various functional space types are categorized following the prescribed COU space classifications. This space data is also used by the University to inform institutional planning and facilities plans.

The space data is continuously updated throughout the year to reflect space use changes made by departments and space layout changes made through project renovations. To supplement this work, Facilities Services conducts on-site inventories to verify space uses in all buildings on a 3 year planned review cycle.

Facilities Services utilizes a centrally supported Archibus space management system which is web enabled through Web Central. This web interface has replaced OSIS, an earlier third party web interface used to visualize the space information. With the implementation of Web Central, users have access to more functionality as well as a Mobile Framework that provides access to space data in the field. Access permission roles to view and/or manage department space in Web Central is assigned in consultation with each Faculty/Division administrator.

Apart from the annual space report, targeted space analysis and custom reports are produced throughout the year to assist with planning needs.

Custom reports and any questions related to the campus space inventory can be directed to Irinel Filip, Facilities Services, at 778 782 7642 or by email