University's Five Year Capital Plan

SFU’s Five-Year Capital Plan is the University’s ambitious $591 million blueprint for constructing new facilities and renewing existing facilities and aging infrastructure aimed at expanding SFU campuses and enhancing accessibility for Aboriginal and First Nations communities.

Prioritizing development is key to this plan

The Five-Year Capital Plan prioritizes campus renewal in support of SFU’s vision as a leading engaged university and targets goals of improving learning conditions and community social spaces for students, improving research delivery areas and ensuring SFU facilities are sustainable.

Project summaries outline key deliverables

Key projects in the plan are outlined and project benefits and timelines are included for each of the projects in the plan including:

  • Life Sciences Research & Innovation Building
  • Aboriginal Peoples’ Gathering House
  • Health Systems innovation & sustainability
  • Library & Student Learning Commons
  • Business and creative technologies
  • Convocation Mall 35 multi-purpose complex – (RC Brown)
  • Innovative teaching and other facilities
  • Shrum Sciences renewal
  • Academic Quadrangle, phase 1

The projects listed reflect a standardized provincial government template and are focused on aligning education and training with the demands of the BC labour market, strengthening BC’s global competitive advantage and maximizing social and economic benefits.