Operational Excellence Initiatives

Operational Excellence is all about problem-solving and team work, resulting in continuous improvement.

It involves focusing on customer service, empowering employees and continually improving the current activities in our work place. Our journey towards Operational Excellence began when we visited the University of Washington where we learnt how to create a great workforce when people are given the power and means to exercise their talents and knowledge, and focus on making excellence part of their culture.

Our vision is to provide exceptional services and facilities. To us, Operational Excellence means being passionate stewards of the University’s facilities.

Mechanical division work space improvements

AC Foreman John McHugh reorgnizes workspaces to provide staff with well-defined work stations and improve communications.

Getting down to the nuts and bolts of Operational Excellence

Facilities Services clerk Treena Miller introduces an easy to access cabinet to improve internal organization. 

Customer Access Procedure Improvements

Eleanor Cawthorne, Contracts Coordinator, led a collaborative process to improve quality of documentation and customer service.  

Hands free cleaning robots save time, improve efficiencies

Grady Ott, Operations Supervisor, and Jerry Sadler, Site Manager for Best Service Pros, discuss SFU's new custodial service robots.


Electrical safety gear improvements

Brent Heard, Manager, Electrical Department, and his team initiate a process review to ensure staff have the equipment they need to do their jobs safely. 


Time saving initiative

Krystal Dean, Building Technologist, works to simplify the departmental invoicing process by introducing a standardized approach.


Improving customer service - one email at a time

Novia Chow, Office Coordinator, undertakes a consultative process to address challenges with auto-generated emails from service requests.

See a problem - Fix a problem

Jay Haynes, Manager, Civil Trades, facilities internal process improvements among trade's staff by introducing mechanisms to speed up and address concerns.

IT Support team successfully implements Lean principles

Steven Meng improve and sustain internal workplace efficiencies by introducing a 5S system to his business unit.

Improvements to Operating Statements

Boyong (Sally) Lee, Financial Analyst, undertook a process to save time by amalgamating multiple financial operating statements into one master document.

Multi-task work order process improvements - phase 1

Gerry Lopez, Manager, Administrative Systems, and his team set the ground work for automated multi-task work order processing.


Financial reporting improvements

Gerry Lopez, Manager, Administrative Systems, and his team introduce changes to departmental financial reporting tools resulting in more complete information displayed and time saved. 


Space and inventory re-organization

Louis Ballarin, Manager, Central Receiving, and his team at FM Stores undertake a massive space re-organization to improve organizational efficiencies.


Saving time, money, and trees

Olenka Myshko, Customer Service Coordinator, streamlines her invoice process resulting in big time and paper savings.