Renovation Projects

Strand Hall Construction Project Update


Strand Hall Level 3000

Status: Under Construction
Project Location: Strand Hall Level 3000 Renovation
Budget: $6.5m
Project Gross: 27,000 square feet of workspaces and support areas
Prime Consultant: Public Architecture
Expected Completion Date: Summer 2020
SFU Project Lead: Gloria Kwong, Project Manager, Campus Planning and Development.

The work includes:

  • Removal of hazardous building materials, demolition and decommissioning of obsolete equipment
  • Replacement of exterior windows and skylights to both improve energy efficiency and meet code requirements
  • Upgrade to the existing lighting, mechanical system and fire alarm systems to comply with building code, as well as the addition of a sprinkler system
  • Reconfiguration of office spaces, workstations, meeting rooms and support spaces to improve space efficiency
  • Improvement of wayfinding and security measures to enhance navigation and safety of occupant


SFU Applied Sciences Building (ASB) Renovation Project

Status: Under construction
Project Location: Applied Sciences Building Levels 9000 and 10000
Budget: $25M
Project Gross: 10,000 square meters (108,000 square feet)
Prime Consultant: Grout McTavish Architects
Expected Completion Date: Spring, 2021
SFU Project Lead: Gerald Gongos and Naila Nalupta, Campus Planning and Development

The work includes:

  • Addressing chronic water issues within the building envelope
  • Adding 900 square meters of space to the north side of the 9000 and 10000 levels
  • Improving the configuration and utilization of learning spaces, labs, workspaces and support areas
  • Creating shared innovation spaces to showcase work of students, and to foster collaboration within Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) students and community
  • Providing a welcoming entrance that connects the east and west side of the SFU campus and supports future development of adjacent areas
  • Consolidating administrative spaces to streamline operations
  • Improving security measures at entry access points and respective functional rooms
  • Enhancing the envelope performance of the building

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Plaza Renewal - Phase 1 and 2

Status: Under Construction
Project Location: From Starbucks Plaza to AQ Plaza inclusive
Budget: $42M
Project Gross: 23,200 square meter (250,000 square feet)
Prime Consultant: Public Architecture
Expected Completion Date: Fall, 2019 (Phase 1) and Fall, 2020 (Phase 2).
SFU Project Lead: George Venini, Facilities Development

The public plazas and subsurface waterproofing is being replaced. Note that Fall 2019, Summer 2020, and Fall 2020 convocations will continue to be held in Convocation mall.

EDB Renovation

Status: Under Construction
Project Location: North of AQ between RCB and Saywell Hall
Budget: $26M
Project Gross: 1155 square meter (12,400 square feet)
Prime Consultant: omb Architects
Expected Completion Date: Spring, 2020
SFU Project Lead: Todd Farup, Facilities Development

Completely new Building Envelope including Windows, Doors, Skylights replacement.  Upgrades to the Electrical, Communications and Mechanical Systems as well as Interior Renovation to 75% of the floor space.