Renovation Projects

Lorne Davies Complex (LDC) Renewal Project

Status: In construction
Project Location: Lorne Davies Complex east building
Budget: $39M
Project Gross: 9000 square metres
Prime Consultant: Perkins & Will Architects
Expected Completion Date: Fall 2024

Extensive renovations will begin soon to provide a continued safe and healthy environment and to enhance student, athlete and community experience at the Lorne Davies Complex. The original campus building was constructed in 1965 with additions in 1973 (central gym), 2006 (west gym and fitness centre) and 2021 (stadium).

  • The focus of the work will be within the 1965 original building, which will include seismic, mechanical, plumbing improvements
  • New recreation change facilities to address, reallocate and moderately expand the change areas to address gender equity
  • An upgraded pool deck to the existing pool
  • Improved wayfinding and public access to the non-secure areas for students, visitors and the community

More information about Athletics and Recreation services impacted by this project and relocated services will be available on the project page

Applied Sciences Building (ASB) Renovation Project

Status: Under construction
Project Location: Applied Sciences Building Levels 9000 and 10000
Budget: $25M
Project Gross: 10,000 square meters (108,000 square feet)
Prime Consultant: Grout McTavish Architects
Expected Completion Date: Spring 2024

The work includes:

  • Addressing chronic water issues within the building envelope
  • Adding 900 square meters of space to the north side of the 9000 and 10000 levels
  • Creating shared innovation spaces to showcase work of students, and to foster collaboration within Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) students and community
  • Providing a welcoming entrance that connects the east and west side of the SFU campus and supports future development of adjacent areas
  • Consolidating administrative spaces to streamline operations
  • Improving security measures at entry access points and respective functional rooms
  • Installation of an energy-efficient building envelope that will reduce SFU’s carbon footprint, window replacement and a roof-cooling tower replacement.

More details check out the ASB Construction Project page. If you have a question, please contact

Plaza Renewal - Phase 1 and 2

Status: Under Construction
Project Location: From Starbucks Plaza to AQ Plaza inclusive
Budget: $61M
Project Gross: 23,200 square meter (250,000 square feet)
Prime Consultant: Public Architecture
Expected Completion Date: Winter 2023

The public plazas and subsurface waterproofing is being replaced. 

McTaggart-Cowan Residences

Status: Under Construction
Project Location: Between Residence Lane and Terry Fox Lane
Expected Completion Date: Fall 2024

Renewal features include:

  • Exterior envelope renewal that aligns with Residence and Housing Revitalization Plan
  • Supplementary mechanical ventilation improving air in each individual room
  • Reduction in building energy usage, improvement of user comfort, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, as well as maintain a consistent architectural standard across campus
  • Resident room furniture replacement
  • Updated flooring

Diamond Alumni Centre

Status: Under Construction
Project Location: Along University Drive East north of Robert C Brown building
Expected Completion Date: Winter 2023/2024

Improvements include:

  • Exterior ramp, stairs, entry and walkway