Renovation Projects

Seven Sisters AQ - Phase 2

Status: Complete
Project Location: AQ 3000 Level
Budget: $2.6M
Project Gross:  Four Theatres @ 130 square meter (1400 square feet) each
Prime Consultant: OMB Architects
Expected Completion Date: 
SFU Project Lead: George Venini, Facilities Development

These existing lecture theatres are being completely renovated in order to provide updated education facilities for students and faculty.

Plaza Renewal - Phase 1 and 2

Status: Under Construction
Project Location: From Starbucks Plaza to AQ Plaza inclusive
Budget: $42M
Project Gross: 23,200 square meter (250,000 square feet)
Prime Consultant: Public Architecture
Expected Completion Date: Sep 2020
SFU Project Lead: George Venini, Facilities Development

The public plazas and subsurface waterproofing is being replaced.


EDB Renovation

Status: Under Construction
Project Location: North of AQ between RCB and Saywell Hall
Budget: $26M
Project Gross: 1155 square meter (12,400 square feet)
Prime Consultant: omb Architects
Expected Completion Date: June 2019
SFU Project Lead: Todd Farup, Facilities Development

Completely new Building Envelope including Windows, Doors, Skylights replacement.  Upgrades to the Electrical, Communications and Mechanical Systems as well as Interior Renovation to 75% of the floor space.


Facilities Services Expansion

Project Location: Facilities Services building
Budget: $5m
Project Gross: 325 square meters (3500 square feet) of new space
Prime Consultant: Gustavson Wylie Architects Inc.
Expected Completion Date: December 2018
SFU Project Lead: Gloria Kwong, Project Manager, Campus Planning and Development

The main purpose is the expansion of the office area to provide a modern and efficient work environment that supports project management and operations offices. Provision of a mix of offices, work stations and flexible team spaces, drawing records reviewing area, and general office support functions such as printing and layout areas will be included in the project.

Upgrade work includes construction and renovations of existing washrooms, electrical and mechanical systems, lighting systems, fire alarm systems are all part of this project in an attempt to bring the building up to building code.

Exterior work includes stabilization of the north slope and upgrades to exterior hard landscape elements.