HVAC and Room Occupancy Schedule Changes

Please submit a Room Occupancy Schedule Change Request to have the set-back / set-up temperature schedule for your area adjusted outside of regular office hours.

As an energy conservation measure SFU sets-back / sets-up the temperature when the buildings are unoccupied. i.e.: no heating above17C, no cooling below 28C. During the occupied period, each space for human comfort is maintain at 21C during the heating season and 26C during the cooling season.

For example, you may request to adjust the setback temperature schedule if:

  • You are planning to work over the weekend at your work space
  • Space temperature needs to be maintain over the winter break
  • Exams will be held over the weekend
  • You are holding an event that will go beyond regular office hours or over the weekend (no need to create a second request if already requested on your Event Setup Request)
  • Research facilities and labs need to be controlled to satisfy research requirements

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System on the Campus during COVID-19 pandemic

While the heating and cooling levels in the space have been adjusted with reduced occupancy, changes to the operation of the ventilation system have been made to provide more outside air to the buildings.

  • Most buildings on the campus use 100% outside air to ventilate the space during April to October. As outside air temperature drops, the percentage of outside air will need to be reduced to minimize impact on building temperature.
  • The ventilation system is operated in occupied mode for a minimum period of 2 hours prior to occupancy in areas that are open.
  • On ventilation system with carbon dioxide sensors for demand-controlled ventilation, the setpoint is lower to 800 ppm.
  • Departments are encouraged to contact Facilities Services to inspect the ventilation system in the area before re-occupying.