Building Renovations, Renewals or Modernizations

Major building renovations, renewals and modernizations that falls outside the regular maintenance plan is considered a departmental service. Departmental services are those services for which Facilities Services does not receive budget allocation and which must be funded by the requesting department.

Submitting your Major Building Renovation, Renewal or Modernization Request

To submit a Major Building Renovation, Renewal or Modernization Request, members of the Burnaby campus community will:

  • Submit an online Facilities Request. To ensure that your request is processed in a timely fashion, include detailed information regarding your request. This form generally describes the required work, where and when the work is to take place and the customer contact information.  If any issues are encountered with the online Facilities Request form, please contact and provide as much detail about the issue as possible.
  • The online Facilities Request form also requests information on how the project will affect energy use of the building e.g is the project adding electricity powered equipment or air-conditioning, and if so, what is the estimated additional energy load? This information is requested in an effort to better account for energy use and to support energy conservation efforts.

Upon receipt of the Facilities Request, the Facilities Services department will:

  • Ensure that the customer is sent an email notice confirming that the request has been received and is being processed.
  • The Facilities Services department will evaluate the requested work

Work with potential cost greater than $1500

Depending on the complexity of the work or for work with a potential cost greater than $1500 a building technologist may be requested or assigned to assist customers with planning, design, estimating and managing the work.

01. Project Assignment

  • The Client Services Supervisor / Project Services Manager will review the form and assigned the project to a Building Technologist.
  • The customer will receive email notification that a Building Technologist has been assigned to their project.

02. Planning and Preliminary Estimate

  • Once assigned to the project, the Building Technologist will set up a project file.
  • The Building Technologist will review the project file with the customer and develop a Project Charter. The Project Charter formalizes the scope of the project and the customer approval authority.
  • The Project Charter must be signed before the project can move to the next step
  • The Building Technologist will develop a Preliminary Estimate based on the Project Charter. As a rule, the Preliminary Estimate should be developed quickly using historical data of similar projects. However, occasionally the complexity of the project may necessitate the retention of specific consultants to assist in the development of the estimate. Customers must authorize and secure funding for consultants.

03. Preliminary Estimate Awaiting Approval

  • Once the customer receives the Preliminary Estimate, it may be accepted, rejected or put on hold until the customer can secure funding.
    • If accepted, the project moves to step 6.
    • If rejected, the project is closed and the Building Technologist is reassigned.
    • If put on hold, the Building Technologist retains the project file with no further work and continues to liaise with the customer. The customer will be informed that the Building Technologist may be reassigned and the project may not have the same Building Technologist upon reactivation.

04. Final Design and Tender

  • The approved Preliminary Estimate will form the basis of detailed contract documents for project execution. Consultants may be retained to complete contract documents or the work may be completed by the Building Technologist. This is the Final Estimate phase. Depending on the scale of the project, quotes or bid results will form the basis of the standard Final Estimate Form.
  • Note: All voice/data work is under the direction of Network Services. All Security work is under the direction of SFU Security.

05. Final Estimate Awaiting Approval

  • If the bid results/quotes fall within the limits of the Final Estimate, the customer signs the Final Estimate and provides an account number. The account number will be used to encumber funds from the account to the project account number.

06. Project in Progress

  • The Building Technologist awards the contract and establishes a Short Form Contract with the contractor.
  • The Building Technologist sends a notice of construction to the affected campus community.
  • The Building Technologist monitors all aspects of construction and coordinates issues with internal trades, network services, security, parking, janitorial and operations.
  • Contract administration is managed entirely by the assigned Building Technologist. He/she is responsible for the budget, scope, timing and ultimate success of the project.
  • Project invoices are administered by the Building Technologist.

07. Project Completion Awaiting Dept. Approval

  • Upon completion of the project, the Building Technologist will issue a Notice of Completion to the customer and affected internal agencies. The Notice of Completion includes a deficiency inspection by the client and internal agencies, however, it does not include scope inclusions which may have occurred outside of the project charter.
  • The project manager will review the entire project with the client at the completion of construction to determine if:
    • The project is contractually complete including resolution of all deficiencies.
    • The project meets the customer's goals and objectives. This may be in excess of the contracted scope and may involve additional work to the contract through change orders.

08. Project Completion Awaiting Dept. Approval

  • The project remains open until all contractors invoices are received and processed.

09. Closed - Project and Billing Complete

  • Once the project billing is complete the project is closed. Project Record are filled.