Custodial Services

Provision of custodial services for the Burnaby campus community is provided through a contract with a custodial services contractor. The custodial contract outlines the frequency and specification for all services provided to maintain the campus at a standard level of cleanliness.

Routine Custodial Requests

Please submit a Custodial Request to have cleaning services performed on campus.

Burnaby Campus - Routine Requests
Anytime -
Submit an Online Custodial Request

Urgent Custodial Requests

Urgent Custodial Requests are any occurrence which represents an imminent danger to health, or the potential for major damage to University property such as toilets overflowing or not flushing, slippery floors, sink drains plugged, ceiling leaks or requests to expedite the cleaning of any spill on a carpeted area.

Burnaby Campus - Urgent Requests
Regular Hours (8:00am-4:15pm) - Facilities Service Desk: 778-782-3582
After Hours (Weekends & Holidays) - Campus Security: 778-782-3100

Example of Routine Custodial Requests:

  • Washroom cleaning
  • Washroom supplies
  • Recycling pickup
  • Garbage removal
  • Grafitti removal
  • Office cleaning
  • Classroom Chalk and Brushes

Additional Custodial Services

Additional services beyond the custodial contract are available to accommodate special requirements for events on a cost recovery basis. See the Event Setup Services page to learn more.

Custodial Services & Frequencies

The cleaning services and frequencies on Simon Fraser University's Burnaby campus are coordinated by the Buildings & Grounds Operations Supervisor.

Custodial Services are provided 24 hours per day/365 days per year. Custodial Services is performed over 3 shifts; day, evening, and night as well as weekends and stat holidays. All other services provided as noted.

What is the frequency of custodial services?

  • Area waste/recycling removal from public spaces - daily
  • Cafeterias cleaned - daily
  • Change rooms cleaned - daily
  • Classrooms cleaned - daily
  • Corridors cleaned - daily
  • Elevators cleaned - daily
  • Entrance/lobby cleaned - daily
  • Labs cleaned - daily
  • Lost & found - contact security at 778-782-3100
  • Lounges cleaned - daily
  • Recreation areas cleaned - daily
  • Showers cleaned - daily
  • Staff rooms cleaned - daily
  • Study areas cleaned - daily
  • Theatres cleaned - daily
  • Washrooms cleaned - daily as required
  • Washroom supplies restocked - daily
  • Stairs cleaned - weekly
  • Area waste/recycling removal from offices - Fridays
  • Offices cleaned - every 2 weeks
  • Classroom chalk & brushes - beginning of each semester or as needed
  • * Carpet cleaning - bi-anually
  • Windows cleaned - bi-annually
  • * Floor finishing - annually
  • Shampoo upholstered furniture - annually

* Where possible, advance notice will be provided for any scheduled floor care work to allow departments time to remove personal items (e.g. books, paper, floor lamps) from the floor. We will endeavor to give ample notice to allow departments the opportunity to assist us in any way possible with the removal of items from the floor.