Maintenance Requests

The Facilities Services department undertakes unplanned maintenance repairs requested by the campus community for all buildings, grounds, utilities, systems and equipment which have been accepted as permanent parts of the Burnaby campus.

Routine maintenance requested by staff or faculty outside of ancillary departments for the permanent parts of the Burnaby campus will be undertaken at no charge. However, charges will be applied if maintenance is requested by a specific date/time or if it is not for a permanent part of the Burnaby campus (e.g. repairs of office furniture, repairs of equipment particular to departments, personal property).

Requests from ancillary departments (e.g. Residences & Housing, Food Services and Parking Services) for work in their respective areas are considered chargeable services. Chargeable Maintenance Requests are usually channeled through the respective departments.

Routine Maintenance Requests

Please submit a Routine Maintenance Request (if you are having issue accessing the page, please try clearing your browser cache first. Click here for Chrome) for repairs or maintenance to buildings, grounds, utilities or equipment which is part of the building infrastructure. Online requests will be processed promptly, subject to workload and urgency (e.g. requests classified as emergencies will be processed immediately).

Examples of routine maintenance requests:

Air Quality

  • Stuffy environment, high humidity, dust/odors in air, or stale air

Custodial Services


  • Repair classroom blinds
  • Repair damaged doors that won't shut, are hard to open, are off track, or have handles that won't turn
  • Repair windows that won't close, have latches that don't work, or have a missing /broken screens
  • Repair classroom furniture
  • Repair signs


  • No power
  • Fire alarm going off
  • Automatic doors not working
  • Lights not working or flickering
  • Light fixtures falling down/broken
  • Light switches broken
  • Equipment not working
  • Bathroom fans not working
  • Defective outlets
  • Repair faulty plug
  • Ripped jacks or outlets
  • Request to have an electrical panel locked while the electrical service is repaired or modified
  • General repairs to electrical services


  • Manual operation and/or lockout to accommodate construction work or furniture moving
  • Repair or maintenance beyond scheduled maintenance work

Emergency Power

  • Uninterruptable power supply repairs
  • Emergency generator servicing and repair

Fire Alarm System

  • Missing fire extinguisher
  • Fire alarm going off
  • Fire alarm repairs

General Maintenance

  • Repairs to equipment, classrooms furniture and facilities


  • Report graffiti location for removal


  • Obnoxious fumes
  • Fume hoods not working properly
  • Too hot or too cold
  • Repairs or maintenance to AC equipment
  • Heater repairs
  • Thermostat broken
  • Poor ventilation
  • Stuffy environment or stale air
  • High humidity
  • Dust or odors in air

Lab Exhaust Air

  • Fume hood repairs
  • Fume hood alarms


  • Request for service other than routine maintenance
  • Report trees with broken limbs, damaged shrubbery or flowerbeds


  • Burned out or malfunctioning fluorescent light ballasts
  • Fluorescent tube replacement
  • Burned out light bulbs


  • Please submit all key requests, lock repairs/changes to Access Control ( 778-782-5448)


  • Repairs to brick, stone mortar work, and facilities


  • Pump not working
  • Fan not working
  • Noisy fan
  • Broken doors/gates
  • Electric motors repairs and servicing
  • Gas or diesel motors repairs and servicing
  • Heater repairs


  • Requests for touch-ups or minor requests beyond scheduled maintenance

Pest Control

  • Reported bugs, ants, skunks, mice or other unwanted "visitors"


  • Toilet/urinal plugged
  • Toilet running
  • Cracked toilets/sinks
  • Noisy toilets/faucets
  • Leaky faucet
  • Shower leaking
  • No water pressure
  • Drains plugged
  • Soap dispensers not working
  • Water fountains not working
  • General repairs

Recycling Services

  • Recycling containers for offices and labs
  • Paper, pop and glass recycling bins in public hallways
  • Cardboard balers and recycling depots
  • Special pickup requests


  • Repairs to roofing components

Security System

  • Repairs to Santis/Intrusion sensors
  • Alarm going off

Safety System

  • Fume hood alarm going off

Storage of Goods

  • Sabbatical leave
  • Surplus equipment
  • Special requests

Snow Removal

  • Request for service


  • Reported damage due to vandalism
  • Reported graffiti location


  • Repairs to damaged windows, frames and mechanisms
  • Broken glass

Urgent Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Requests are handled differently depending on the nature of the request. Urgent Maintenance Requests are any unusual occurrences, utility malfunctions or equipment failures which present an imminent danger to life, health or security; or have the potential to cause major damage to property or the environment. Urgent Maintenance Requests warrant immediate response to mitigate the situation before conditions escalate or worsen.

Urgent Maintenance Requests such as power outages, flooding or gas leaks should be reported immediately by phone to the Facilities Service desk at:

  • During regular hours (8:00am-4:15pm) - Facilities Service Desk: 778-782-3582
  • After hours (Weekends & Holidays) - Campus Security: 778-782-3100

Examples of urgent maintenance requests:

Custodial Services

  • Carpet surface spills
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Slippery floors and walkways
  • Obnoxious fumes or odours


  • Breaker resets (e.g. resetting of breakers that trip due to power surges, outages or malfunction)


  • People trapped in an elevator
  • Elevator malfunctions


  • Washroom flooding
  • Plugged and overflowing toilets or drains
  • Leaking roof or pipe


  • Pipe leaks or breaks
  • Sprinkler head leaks


  • Frozen water lines
  • Gas line repairs
  • Pipe leaks and/or breaks


  • Broken or damaged glass windows which compromise the security of a building or space
  • Glass on roadway (e.g. broken glass from vehicle accidents, bottles, etc.)


  • Potholes that are a hazard to pedestrians or vehicles


  • Uncomfortable room conditions caused by fluctuations in air temperature


  • Burnt out lights in work areas

Personal Safety

  • Structural defects
  • Mechanical malfunctions
  • Snow or ice buildup
  • Damage caused by high winds


  • Smell of obnoxious fumes or odours (e.g. propane, natural gas, or burning odour)

Power Outage

  • Service interruption

Snow Removal

  • Hazardous surfaces
  • weather-related hazards including sleet, ice, heavy snow conditions, and/or wind-related damage

Hazardous Spills & Pollution

  • Do not attempt to determine whether a spill is a hazardous substance. If in doubt, report the spill immediately.
  • Vehicle leaking gasoline


  • Damage to doors and/or windows which compromise the security of a building or space

Water Supply

  • Any interruption to the supply of water to a particular area, building, classroom, etc.

Emergency Situations

Campus Security coordinates response to all emergency situations including fire, accident, illness, crime, hazardous spills, gas leaks, and bomb threats. Any incident should be reported immediately by phone to Campus Security at 778-782-4500. This line is monitored 24/7.