Moving Services

The Facilities Services department processes all of the Burnaby campus community's requests for moving services (e.g. relocation of furniture and boxes within a room or to another room).

Submitting your Moving Services Request

To submit a Moving Services Request, members of the Burnaby campus community will:

  • Submit an online Moving Services Request to ensure that your request is processed in a timely fashion, include detailed information regarding the requested move.
  • Please provide Facilities Services with a minimum of 5 working days’ notice and we will make every possible effort to ensure that your deadline can be met.

Upon receipt of the Moving Services Request, the Facilities Services department will:

  • Ensure that the customer is sent an email notice confirming that the request has been received and is being processed.

Work deemed under $1500

If work is deemed under $1500, no estimate is provided and the job will be assigned directly to the Facilities shops without the need for planning, estimating and further approvals. Work will be done as soon as trades personnel and materials are available.The purpose of this policy is to complete jobs expeditiously.

  • The Facilities shop will perform the requested service as per instructions and detailed information provided on your request.
  • The Facilities shop will contact the customer if any schedule or scope of work conflicts arise from the request.
  • A charge account number authorizing the work to proceed is required.

Work with potential cost greater then $1500

Depending on the complexity of the work (e.g. number of moves in a reduced time frame) or for work with a potential cost greater than $1500 a building technologist may be requested or assigned to assist customers with planning and managing labour. If assigned, the Building Technologist will:

  • Assign a Building Technologist to coordinate the move.
  • The Building Technologist will contact the customer within one day of receiving the form to arrange to discuss details of the request and assist with planning as required.
  • The Building Technologist will provide the customer with a scope of work, outlining details for their approval.
  • The Building Technologist will coordinate the shops and any off campus suppliers to ensure that work is completed on time and meets the customer's expectations.
  • The Building Technologist ensures that all costs associated with the project are processed for payment before declaring the project complete. A detailed project account statement of expenses will be issued to the customer.


  • The customer submitting the Moving Service Request is responsible for all costs associated with the work including, but not limited to, shops, off campus suppliers and cleaning services if required. 
  • A detailed request account statement of expenses can be query online by the customer.