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The Gerontology Research Centre (GRC) serves as a focal point for research, education, and information on individual and population aging and maintains an active publications program to promote utilization of existing knowledge in the following areas: Aging and the Built Environment, Changing Demography and Lifestyle, Health Promotion/Population Health and Aging, Prevention of Victimization, Exploitation of Older Persons, Technology and Aging, and Culture and Aging.

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28th Annual John K. Friesen Conference

This conference is the 28th offering in the John K. Friesen Conference Series in Gerontology. The series is designed to meet the continuing education needs of agencies and individuals responsible for planning, administering and providing services to the elderly. This year's theme is "Understanding and Fostering Resilience in Older Adults."

It is well known that older aged adults face many adversities over the later life course. This conference will address the ways in which seniors bounce back from different types and combinations of adversity – termed resilience. Some of the challenges that will be addressed include: mental and physical health issues, especially multimorbidity; family change such as widowhood; socio-economic deprivation; social isolation and loneliness; ageism and discrimination; housing problems; and environmental disasters.

To learn more about the conference and to register, visit https://www.sfu.ca/fc/2019.html


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