Celebrating 40 years of research and education on aging

The SFU Gerontology Research Centre (GRC) and the SFU Department of Gerontology serve as focal points for interdisciplinary research, education, and information on individual and population aging to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange in the following areas: Aging and the Built Environment, Changing Demography and Lifestyles, Health Promotion/Population Health and Aging, Prevention of Elder Abuse and Neglect, Technology and Aging, and Culture and Aging. 

SFU Gerontology Research Centre: Our Story

40 Years of Impact 

For over 40 years, the SFU Gerontology Research Centre (GRC) has engaged in impactful research to improve the lives of older adults. 

Established in 1982

The SFU Gerontology Research Centre was established in 1982 by founding Director Gloria Gutman with the support of a strategic grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada followed by significant contributions to the GRC Endowment Fund by Imperial Oil, Shoppers Drug Mart and the BC Real Estate Foundation. 

Living Lab on Aging Research

The Tong Louie Living Lab (TLLL) was developed in 1995 as a collaboration between SFU and BCIT with a mission to enhance independent living and quality of life among older adults through research on planning, design, development and evaluation of housing, care facilities, community environments and enabling technology.

GRC News

Since 1997, the GRC has regularly published a biannual print and digital magazine. The GRC News covers a range of issues of interest to engage readers and contains submissions from researchers, alumni, and community partners.

Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging

The GRC supports many research networks, hubs, and collaborative projects, including two labs purposed to collect data for the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA). The CLSA is the largest population study on aging in Canada bringing together over 160 researchers across the country representing multiple disciplines.

Fact Book on Aging

Several editions of the Fact Book on Aging have been published to highlight topics from a wide range of areas, including: the size and historical rate of growth of the elderly population in British Columbia and Canada; trends in life expectancy, mortality rates and causes of death; the marital status of the elderly population; its geographic distribution and residential mobility; ethnic composition; a description of living arrangements and housing; education, employment, and economic status; disabilities; diet and physical activity; and health service utilization.


The GRC holds several events throughout the year to facilitate knowledge translation. Our signature annual events include the Ellen M. Gee Memorial lecture, John K. Friesen Conference, and Gerontology Lecture Series.

Department of Gerontology 40th Anniversary Fund

The Department of Gerontology 40th Anniversary Fund will provide support for the centre's research initiatives and post-doctoral training fellowships. In conjunction with the Department of Gerontology, the GRC has served as a hub for researchers and is devoted to improving the lives of older adults through research, knowledge translation, and outreach. With the rapid increase in population aging, this fund will also support research to address pressing issues that arise. 

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