Challenge Areas

The GRC's research is organized into six main challenge area that together address many of the core tenents of gerontology.

Aging and the Built Environment

Research on planning, design, development and evaluation of housing, care facilities, and community environments.

Changing Demography and Lifestyles

Examination of the impact of changes in the timing of life events and in retirement, pension and income support policy and programs.

Culture and Aging

Examination of ethno-cultural dynamics of aging, including access to services, diaspora, family relationships, and resilience.

Prevention of Victimization and Exploitation of Older Persons

Research and development of programs to prevent financial, psychological, physical and sexual abuse of older people, and facilitate access to rights and services.

Technology and Aging Research

Development and evaluation of technologies to support independent living and enhance quality of life.

Population Health and Aging

Examination of determinants and consequences of healthy aging, development and evaluation of programs that foster social connectedness, positive mental and physical health, resilience, coping with chronic illness, and prevention of disability.