Fact Book on Aging

This fifth edition of the Fact Book updates the figures with data from the 2006 census and supplemental sources. Like the first four editions of the Fact Book, this edition references all source documents and presents data primarily in numeric tabular form. Topics covered in this document are listed in the Table of Contents and include: the size and historical rate of growth of the elderly population of British Columbia; trends in life expectancy, mortality rates and causes of death; the marital status of the elderly population; its geographic distribution and residential mobility; ethnic composition; a description of living arrangements and housing; education, employment, and economic status; disabilities; diet and physical activity; and health service utilization. Several other important topics have been omitted, either because provincial information was unavailable or the sample was too small to be considered reliable. These topics include: sources of income; source of family support; criminal victimization rates; and leisure activities.

Celebrating 40 years