Real Estate Foundation of BC

The Real Estate Foundation of BC’s (REFBC) endowment interest primarily supports a key post-doctoral position at the GRC who engages in housing and aging research, which is one of the GRC’s research foci. This position at SFU has been maintained for almost three decades. The most recent appointee is Daniel Gan (start date 2020). Sarah Canham held the position between 2012 and 2019. The REFBC endowment covers the cost of this position, including funds from the GRC. In addition, the Grc produces a newsletter called the Seniors’ Housing Update (SHUP) that is embedded in our GRC Newsletter. It is distributed to over 2,000 individuals in BC and beyond. The GRC communications officer spearheads this newsletter with assistance from the REFBC position and GRC director. The REFBC endowment increases the capacity of the GRC to engage in an active research program in this area.

REFBC Five-Year Report

Celebrating 40 years