Daniel R. Y. Gan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Room: HC 2800


PhD (NUS); MArch (NUS); BA (NUS)

Research Interests

Community gerontology


Daniel is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Gerontology Research Centre, SFU, and a founder and community planner of Healthy Ageing in Place, a nonprofit. He completed a PhD in urban design/environmental gerontology at the National University of Singapore, where he studied the impact of older adults' neighbourhood experiences on their psychosocial wellbeing via quantitative and qualitative methods. Prior to that, Daniel worked as an architect to facilitate community-based interventions with the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore. He has published in Housing & Society and The Gerontologist. Daniel served as an assistant managing editor of the Journal of Population Ageing, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, and reviewers for Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, Journal of Population Ageing, Social Science Research, and Housing & Society. He obtained the NUS Graduate Research Scholarship, MND EDGE Mid-term Scholarship, and ASEAN Undergraduate and Pre-University Scholarships, and has presented his research in Chicago, Guangzhou, London, Oxford and Singapore.

At NUS Architecture, Daniel co-taught master-level courses Urban Design Theory and Praxis, and Urban Planning Studio. Daniel was awarded the AAA Travel Prize for best essay in History and Theory of Modern Architecture, and was global student delegate to the Chicago Forum on Global Cities 2018. He is proficient in mixed methods research design, questionnaire survey, scale development, factor analysis, regression analysis, path analysis, structural equation modelling using Stata, ArcGIS and QGIS, and comparative thematic analysis. He blogs at

Selected Publications


  • Gan, D. R. Y., Chaudhury, H., Mann, J., & Wister, A. (2021). Dementia-friendly neighborhood and the built environment: A scoping review. The Gerontologist.
  • Gan, D. R. Y., Fung, J. C., & Cho, I. S. (2021). Neighborhood atmosphere modifies the eudaimonic impact of cohesion and friendship among older adults: A multilevel mixed-methods study. Social Science and Medicine270, 113682.
  • Gan, D. R. Y., Fung, J. C., & Cho, I. S. (2020). Neighbourhood experiences of people over age 50: Factor structure and validity of a scale. The Gerontologist60(8), e559-e571.
  • Gan, D. R. Y. (2017). Neighborhood effects for aging in place: a transdisciplinary framework toward health-promoting settings. Housing and Society, 44(1-2), 79-113.

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