Associate Members

El Chénier (they/them)

Professor, History

History; sexuality and gender

Peter Dickinson (he/him)

Professor, School for the Contemporary Arts; Director, Institute for Performance Studies

Performance studies, dance and theatre studies, film studies, comparative Canadian cultural studies: with queer theory and gender studies always the connecting thread

Evdoxios Doxiadis (he/him)

Assistant Professor, Hellenic Studies and History

Modern Greek Social History; Gender; Minorities; Mediterranean and Balkan History

Sheri Fabian (she/her/hers)

University Lecturer, Criminology

Criminal harassment; intimate partner violence, research methods, policy analysis, academic dishonesty.

Lindsey Freeman (she/they)

Associate Professor, Sociology

Writing, poetics, experimental methods, affect, atmosphere, art, memory, and rain.

Michael Hathaway (he/him)

Professor, Anthropology

Willeen G. Keough (she/her)

Professor, History

Gender history (Canada, Ireland, Britain, US), ethnicity, immigration, masculinities, oral history

Eirini Kotsovili (she/her)

Lecturer, Hellenic Studies

Modern Greek and Comparative Literature; Life Writing; Gender; Identity and Politics; War Literature

Moninder Lalli (she/her)

Liaison Librarian

Business at Vancouver; Sociology/Anthropology; GSWS, Labour Studies; and South Asian Initiatives.

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Jeannie Morgan (she/her)

Assistant Professor, Indigenous Studies and Labour Studies

Examination of federal and provincial policies and how these shape the intersecting experiences of health and wellbeing and work for Indigenous communities.

Bidisha Ray (she/her)

Senior Lecturer, History

Modern (post- 1757) South Asia, imperialism, gender, sexuality, popular religious practice, public theatre in colonial societies, historical anthropology; especially ethno-history, history of prostitution, postcolonial studies and transnational histories.

Deanna Reder (she/her)

Professor, English

Indigenous literatures in Canada, Indigenous literary theories and epistemologies, and autobiography theory

Özlem Sensoy (she/her, White immigrant Settler of Middle East heritage)

Professor, Faculty of Education

Social justice education, critical multicultural education, anti-oppression education, anti-racism and whiteness studies, critical media literacy, popular culture of youth, Middle East & Islamic cultures in school, feminist postcolonial theory, visual research methods

Diana Solomon (she/her)

Associate Professor, English

Restoration and eighteenth-century theatre, comedy, performance studies, and print culture

Jennifer Spear (she/her)

Associate Professor, History

Early North American history; gender and sexuality; comparative colonization, slavery, and race

Travers (they/them)

Professor, Sociology

Sociological theory (feminist and queer); gender and technology; sociology of sport; social issues and movements.

Amanda D. Watson (she/her)

Senior Lecturer, Sociology

Care, labour, feelings, reproduction, disability, and media representation of maternal labour and identity. She teaches on global problems and the culture of capitalism, politics of family, the formation of self and identity in contemporary Western cultures, and power and conflict in Canadian society