GSWS Student Union Hosts First Events of the Semester

February 07, 2023

The GSWS Student Union (GSWSSU) is hosting its first events of the semester! Join one or both events to meet fellow GSWS students and learn more about our undergraduate student union.

Movie Night: The Watermelon Woman

Monday February 13th from 5-7:30pm
SUB 2420
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Please RSVP to help ensure there is enough food for all attendees. Please email, or send an Instagram DM, if you have any dietary concerns. 

The GSWSSU team would like to note that while this event is intended to be fun, we do want to make clear that The Watermelon Woman handles some intense content/themes that may be sensitive to viewers. We recommend attendees do their research before signing up to ensure the film won’t be too triggering. The film is about “a young black lesbian filmmaker [who] probes into the life of The Watermelon Woman, a 1930’s black actress who played ‘mammy’ archetypes” (IMDB). We expect respect and maturity from all attendees, and will not tolerate otherwise.

Trivia Day

February 17th from 2-5PM
SUB 4200
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Hosted with SFU Poli-Sci Student Union and SFU Society of Arts and Social Sciences. Come by anytime to enjoy snacks, drinks, fun games and prizes. This event is a great chance to come meet some of the members of the GSWSSU team and to connect with fellow students in GSWS and other FASS programs!