Educational Goals


I Display disciplinary knowledge of core concepts of gender and sexuality
1. Students can understand and evaluate some of the major intellectual theories and scholarship relevant to the field of gender and sexuality
2. Students can engage in critical debates from a range of theoretical perspectives
3. Students can think critically about how core concepts of gender and sexuality shape research inquiry
4. Students can identify and evaluate culturally and historically specific constructions of genders and sexualities

II Develop Transferable Skills and Information Literacy

1. Students will be able to find and filter print, digital, and visual data relevant to the study of gender, sexuality, and identity
2. Students will be able  to contextualise, assess, and critique relevant data
3. Students will be able to effectively communicate in written and oral formats
4. Students will engage in independent and collaborative tasks
5. Engage in and develop research skills at an appropriate level

III Analyze and assess the concept of gender with an intersectional focus
1. Students will evaluate how gender  intersects with categories of race, ethnicity, class, gender identity, sexuality, and/or dis/ability
2. Understand and explain the concepts of privilege and oppression in relation to the above categories

IV  Analyze assess, and apply interdisciplinary approaches to gender and sexuality

1. Students can gather evidence to support a research question
2. Students can formulate a supported position based on assessment of scholarly research
3. Students can understand, interpret and critique complex sources of research

V Display Engaged and Empathetic Citizenship
1. Students can demonstrate critical awareness of local and global issues of social justice
2. Students engage with issues of inequality, oppression and justice in relation to gender and other identities
3. Students engage with local, national and/or global communities


I Demonstrate Advanced knowledge of core concepts and theories
1. Demonstrate Comprehensive understanding of core concepts and theories
2. Can apply core concepts and theories appropriate to field
3. Able to synthesise existing research and critically evaluate relevant research in the field
4. Able to critically assess and evaluate core concepts and theories
5. Demonstrate mastery of core concepts and theories (PhD only)

II Develop transferable professional skills
1. Listen, give, and receive feedback respectfully and effectively
2. Communicate in a style and format appropriate to the context
3. Participate in professional development opportunities
4. Display and present education and skills in professional format
5. Present research in peer-reviewed environment

III Conduct and Generate Original Scholarly Research (MA Thesis and PhD only)
1. Make an original research based contribution to the discipline (MA Thesis)
2. Utilize methodological skills appropriate to discipline (MA Thesis)
3. Make original and substantial research based contribution to discipline (PhD Thesis)
4. Make original and substantial research based contribution to discipline (PhD Thesis)