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The “Work-window” Time Management Method for Individual and Group Assignments

This resource shares a holistic approach to teaching that support student success and well-being by incorporating a strategic time management technique called the “work-window”. 


After implementing the "work-window" method, the majority of the group reported better productivity, more leisure time, less pressure, and more awareness of balancing remote work and mental health.


These activities/strategies were embedded in a synchronous Pre-Master of Digital Media program on Zoom. These can be adapted to other teaching platforms.


The “work-window” is a weekly time-management method of batching work activities and alternating between assignments and self-care sessions outside of the classroom.


It represents one day a week students and the instructor(s) have chosen to dedicate to course tasks, such as assignments for student assignments and preparation work for the instructor. 


  • During the year, we have shared our schedule and have aligned our time zones for better communication during remote e-learning. 
  • As a group, we have incorporated strategic "breaks" dedicated to self-care and relaxation.   


In higher education, we have been traditionally separating work from leisure time, but we can combine them, and in the process, improve our attention span. With the "work-window", students are setting the intention to alternate from focusing on work to focusing on self-care.  


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