Testimonials for Tools for Well-Being in the Classroom 


Instructors share about their experience in attending Tools for Well-Being in the Classroom workshop.


“Participation in this initiative, validated some of what I already knew about building connections and student well-being, and encouraged me to include more opportunities. As I watched my students shift to a community of kindness and support for one another showed my efforts were successful. The smallest effort really can make a world of difference.” - Dr. Sheri Fabian, School of Criminology

“This initiative has proved to be highly rewarding for me and my students. We are now more aware of how important well-being should be in higher education. All forms of instruction should prioritize that.” - Elisabeta Aida Osian, Centre for Digital Media

“It was a flexible program that instructors can include in their class as they see fit and when there is time. The program gave me a few good activity ideas that I plan to keep using in future terms.” - Joanna Niezen, Department of Mathematics

“The best thing about this initiative is the return on investment. The activities took very little time and were easy to run, but made such a difference in how students interacted with both me and each other. I got several messages stating how much they appreciated the efforts. I am excited to keep doing them!” - Diana Bedoya, Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

“We are living social realities that create a lot of stress, hardship and isolation, and we need to adapt our pedagogies to include mental heath support, in order to build an academic environment that acknowledges this and is supportive of student learning.” - Natasha-Kim Ferenczi, Department of Sociology & Anthropology

“I noticed the positive effect of this on the students and I recommend to embed the activity in their course.” - Mehran Ahmadi, School of Sustainable Energy Engineering

“The support, resources, and list of activities made it very easy to participate in the project. It helped me come up with new ideas.” - Fall 2021 TWC participant

“My students said in class that they enjoyed taking the time to connect at the start of class. It made our class more relaxed, and I think it helped them to trust me more and to recognize that I was their ally - they approached me for help, asked for extensions when they needed them, and were transparent about their own challenges so that I could help them. This made teaching far easier.” - Fall 2021 TWC participant

“There are small and easy things that you can do that make a big difference to students' well being, and this is particularly meaningful now, considering how stressful and chaotic life can be.  So please get involved and pick one thing to try this semester.  Then try another small thing the following semester.  Each step forward will make a big difference in how your students perceive and interact with you, your course, and this unpredictable world we live in :).” - Kevin Lam, Department of Biological Sciences