Simon Fraser University ranks among Canada’s top 15 research universities and enjoys the fastest growing research income.

This growth—especially with our private sector funding—has led to a commensurate growth in technical innovations and new IP. The university ensures that, wherever possible, these developments get out into the world to drive innovation and change. Industry Engagement is a key part of this innovation strategy. Here, the team focuses specifically on protecting and licensing technology and other IP. If the innovation is ready for market, staff will lead the development of a patent protection strategy, and will work with inventors to market the invention and develop a licensing revenue stream.

Our office is an instrumental piece of the university’s innovation framework, which includes SFU programs like Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection®, our flagship program for early-stage ventures, and SFU Venture Labs, our business accelerator.  

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SFU Innovates

SFU Innovates is the university's innovation strategy that builds on our dynamic culture and seeks to strengthen SFU’s commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship. SFU works with industry and community organizations to identify research and co-innovation partnerships. We engage with stakeholders across academia, industry, communities and government to disseminate transformative ideas for the benefit of society. SFU works with researchers to protect and commercialize their technologies and innovations. 

Industry Engagement at SFU has undergone a transformation to better serve the SFU community.

SFU’s Industry Engagement Office is a service for faculty, intended to give them support for protecting and commercializing intellectual property (IP).

The office has been restructured to focus on IP protection and technology licensing.

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