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SFU Knowledge Mobilization

Simon Fraser University is committed to becoming a world leader in knowledge mobilization. Are you an SFU researcher developing a knowledge mobilization plan for a grant application? Are you finishing up your latest study? Are you interested in the impact of your results?

SFU Knowledge Mobilization

SFU Knowledge Mobilization is a university-wide strategic initiative. SFU is committed to becoming a world leader in knowledge mobilization, building on a strong foundation of fundamental and applied research. From discovery to knowledge mobilization, SFU’s eight faculties are engaged in the full spectrum of research, building on a robust tradition of interdisciplinary investigation and collaboration. SFU’s commitment to engagement informs how we disseminate knowledge, and how we contribute to citizenship in local communities across Canada and around the world.

Get your research out there

Simon Fraser University is committed to providing sustained resources to support researchers in sharing research findings with wider communities in meaningful ways. This commitment to knowledge mobilization is intended to facilitate wider public engagement with research and deepen connections between researchers and knowledge users. As a part of this initiative, the university has established SFU's Knowledge Mobilization Hub that will provide services and supports to SFU researchers across all three campuses.

SFU's Knowledge Mobilization Hub is growing the culture of knowledge mobilization at the university, expanding the scope of knowledge mobilization resources, and helping SFU faculty, students and staff access SFU’s existing resources.   

The Hub is located in the SFU Library Research Commons at the W.A.C. Bennett Library, SFU's Burnaby campus.

Services available through SFU's Knowledge Mobilization Hub are provided by Lupin Battersby, Knowledge Mobilization Officer. Connect with Lupin for support with:

  • SFU Knowledge Mobilization resource navigation
  • Pre- and post-grant knowledge mobilization planning and facilitation
  • Tailored training in knowledge mobilization principles, frameworks and skills


Make an appointment with SFU's Knowledge Mobilization Officer

Contact Lupin Battersby, Knowledge Mobilization Officer at or 778-782-7434.

Publish an article through The Conversation Canada

SFU has joined 20 other Canadian universities as a partner of The Conversation Canada, a website that is a trusted media source. Academics and researchers who publish their own journalistic-style articles through The Conversation Canada get access to a robust analytics dashboard that provides data they can't get from traditional academic publications.



Workshops offered at the SFU Library

The SFU Library offers many workshops to help faculty and students mobilize their research in different ways.



Connect with an SFU communications expert

SFU's communications experts are kept up-to-date about new and emerging research mobilization opportunities. Connect with the communications expert for your faculty or department.