Felix Breden, Executive Director

felix breden

Felix Breden is the Executive Director for the IRMACS Centre. He is also Chair of the IRMACS Management Committee and the Executive Director of the Complex Systems Modelling Group (CSMG).

"One of the greatest strengths of the IRMACS Centre is the collaborative spirit that Peter Borwein instilled into the fabric of the Centre when it was founded in 2004. My motivation to become Executive Director of IRMACS is to continue this tradition and ensure that interdisciplinary research flourishes at IRMACS and at SFU. I believe that bringing together excellent scientists in a spirit of collaboration results in the best science possible, and results in science that often addresses important societal needs. I will work to help IRMACS grow by increasing the integration of the Centre with other units in SFU, other academic institutions, and extending our collaborations with government ministries and private industry.

To those of you who already know and love the IRMACS Centre, I ask you to help spread the word to other possible academic members, and persons in the community who can benefit from IRMACS research projects. Also, if you have ideas on how we can better help you and others continue the IRMACS mission, please contact us. Those of you who are learning about IRMACS for the first time, please peruse the website, arrange for a visit or contact any of the directors to learn more about how we can support your research, and help use science and research to make a better world."

Felix Breden's Contact Details

p: 778.782.5647
f: 778.782.7065
e: felix (AT) irmacs.sfu.ca
Room ASB 10905.7

Dr. Breden's personal website is www.sfu.ca/biology/faculty/breden/lab