Nawal Musleh-Motut

Post Doctoral Fellow





Dr. Nawal Musleh-Motut is the Postdoctoral Fellow in Social Justice and Decolonization at the ISTLD. Her postdoctoral work focuses on researching, implementing, and evaluating social justice and decolonial teaching and learning at SFU. Some of her current projects include:

  • developing, facilitating, and evaluating a new integrated seminar series and grants program that aims to support and fund faculty seeking to implement critical intersectional social justice pedagogy and learning into their own courses;
  • supporting STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) faculty as they as the begin to decolonize and Indigenize their pedagogies, curricula, and classrooms for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students;
  • researching, writing, and publishing on the dangers of institutional performances of equity, diversity, and inclusion versus the imaginative possibilities of educational futurities created via social justice and decolonial teaching and learning.

Nawal has extensive experience both as a researcher and post-secondary educator. She previously worked as Research Officer, Generalist with BC’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner, General Education Project Manager at SFU, Limited-Term Lecturer in the School of Communication at SFU, Sessional Instructor in Mass Communication at Columbia College, and Research Specialist with Indian Residential School Resolution Canada.

Her primary research, writing, and teaching interests include: critical intersectional social justice; decolonization; Indigenous epistemologies; critical race/anti-racism and post/anti-colonial theory and praxis; critical, imaginative, and performative ethnography; visual culture; narrative and storytelling; connective indigeneity and futurities between Indigenous, Palestinian, and Black communities globally.