Conference Funding for ISTLD Project Teams

Completed ISTLD-funded project teams are eligible to apply for one-time conference funding to present project findings: A maximum of $1200 per individual, for a maximum of $2400 per grant project.

Not an ISTLD-funded project? The SFU Central Open Access Fund supports SFU authors who wish to publish in Open Access (OA) journals. More information >>

ISTLD Conference funding criteria:

  1. Conference funding is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the each fiscal year (April to March). Once all funding has been allocated, a notice will be sent to all grant recipients noting there is no remaining funding for the year.
  2. To be eligible for conference funding, the ISTLD-funded project's final report must be submitted. Exceptions are approved on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Letters of proposal/presentation/paper/poster acceptance must be included with the conference funding application. Applicants must be presenting their ISTLD-funded grant project findings to receive funding.
  4. All conference funding applications must be approved by the grant project's principal applicant.
  5. The ISTLD will review the conference funding fund, criteria, and process at the end of each fiscal year.

Available funding: Up to $2400** per project, and a maximum of $1200** per individual project team member, per project. **Including all taxes and fees. Do you have a graduate student on your team planning to apply for funding? Be sure to reach out to us before applying.

How to apply:

  1. Complete the conference funding request form. Download the ISTLD Conference Funding Form (PDF) >>
  2. Include with the form:
    • Conference proposal abstract.
    • Letter/email of acceptance from the conference.
    • Any quotes for related expenses.


  1. The ISTLD will review and approve all submitted conference funding requests on a first-come, first server basis.
  2. Forms and supporting documentation should be submitted to, cc'ing the project's principal investigator, with the subject header: Conference Funding Application
  3. Once approved, the ISTLD will arrange cash advances, when appropriate.