MA Program

At least six courses (24 credit hours) are required for the MA. Courses should include: LING 800 Phonology, LING 801 Syntax and LING 851 Research Techniques and Experimental Design. One of the six courses can be a Directed Research course.

In addition, students in the first year of the program are required to take LING 890 Graduate Seminar I and LING 891 Graduate Seminar II.

Students must also write and defend a thesis.

Normally students are expected to complete the degree in six semesters (two academic years). The first year is usually devoted to course work and the second to the thesis.

The following table outlines a typical academic schedule for an MA student.

  Fall Spring Summer

Year 1

2-3 courses

Graduate Seminar I

2-3 courses

Graduate Seminar II


Any remaining courses

Beginning of thesis research

Year 2

Any remaining courses

Thesis research

Thesis research

Thesis completion and defence anytime in the 5th semester and beyond


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