December 1, 2017

The Royal Society of Canada recognizes excellence in the arts and sciences in the election of Fellows to its three academies: Academy of Arts and Humanities, Academy of Social Sciences and Academy of Science. Individuals must be nominated for election to the Society. Approx. 85 Fellows are elected each year. Program success rate of last competition was about 18% (89/500).

Nominator: Regular nominations require an FRSC as nominator and two secondary nominators of which one must also be an FRSC. Institutional nominations require the President / VPR as nominator and the two secondary nominators need not be FRSCs.

Nominee: Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Fellows are persons whose intellectual achievements have been exceptional through a body of publications, intellectual endeavours or creative activities exhibiting original contributions in the arts, humanities or sciences, as well as in public life. Nominees should have had a 20-25 year research career; and his or her career is ongoing.

Package: Nomination form, 1000-word appraisal, list of scholarly contributions, CV, and letters of reference (# depends on Academy).

Resubmissions: Yes. Dossiers are valid for three years. There is a one-year waiting period before candidate can be re-nominated.

Selection: Candidacies are vetted by one of the Society’s 9 Divisional Committees; recommendations forwarded to relevant Academy Committee to finalize shortlist; shortlisted candidates forwarded to Council for approval; Fellows of each Division vote on candidates for election. Candidates are elected by a vote of 75% of ballots returned, excluding abstentions.

SFU recipients: 45 elected to date; 39 current Fellows. See full list.

Type: National

Career Level: Senior

Value: Honourary

Field: All