Helping students achieve their potential

As the parent of a prospective SFU Mechatronic Systems Engineering student, you will be fully focused on ensuring your child selects the best degree for their future while joining a supportive community of students, staff and faculty.

As this may be the first time your son or daughter lives away from home, you will want to be sure they have every opportunity to thrive academically and socially in a safe environment. SFU offers advice and resources to help you and your child make the transition – including our popular annual parent orientation night (contact for details).

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Is SFU Mechatronic Systems Engineering the right fit?

Finding the right university for your son or daughter can be a challenge. Our school offers a respected, innovative and exciting education at a university that Maclean’s magazine frequently ranks as Canada’s best comprehensive university.

Our cutting-edge Surrey campus is a welcoming, supportive environment for all students – with excellent academic advising services that can help your child through every stage of their education.

Our tuition fees are among the most reasonable in Canada, and we are renowned for providing students with rigorous academics, extensive practical experience and outstanding employability.

Our MSE mandatory co-op program provides excellent work experience, enabling your son or daughter to earn money during their studies and gain invaluable exposure to job markets.

Future Careers

We have an extraordinary job placement record – 86% of co-op alumni report landing their first job after university through their co-op contacts.

Our graduate employment rates and salaries consistently exceed those of other university programs – the demand for new technologies and better ways to use existing technologies is increasing fast.

This growth also means a huge demand for our graduates and their problem-solving, technical and business skills. Our graduates are employed by some of the world’s biggest and brightest technology firms – and we’re located in Metro Vancouver, a hotbed of high-tech companies from start-ups to industry giants.

A safe and happy campus

We ensure our campus is safe and secure for our students, from security officers to Safe walk services and from personal security workshops to student safety volunteer programs.

Our faculty members use their experience, expertise and teaching excellence to fully support our students in reaching their potential. The world-renowned faculty is celebrated for the quality of their research and ability to nurture the next generation of technology innovators.