Masters of Applied Science

General Information

The MASc is a full-time program in which primary emphasis is on the thesis, rather than course work.

Degree Requirements

Course Work

MASc candidates are required to complete 30 semester hours of work with a minimum of 12 semester hours of course work, plus a thesis with a weight of 18 semester hours. The courses will, in consultation with the senior supervisor, normally be selected from the list of Graduate Courses. Additional courses may be required to correct deficiencies in the student's background. The MASc thesis is to be based on an independent project with a significant research component. The student is required to defend the thesis at an examination, in accordance with general University regulations.

Thesis Work in Industry

In addition to the degree requirements for the MASc Program, the following conditions will apply if a student wishes to undertake thesis work in industry.


The proposal must be approved by the Supervisory Committee and by the Graduate Committee. The proposal must include the following:

  • justification for undertaking the work in industry
  • agreement regarding intellectual property and publications
  • funding arrangement

On-Campus Presence

During the thesis work in industry, the student must spend one day per week (or equivalent as approved by the Graduate Committee) on campus to meet with his/her supervisor and attend regular seminars. This is in addition to time spent on campus for course work.

Oral Presentations

A minimum of two oral presentations for the Supervisory Committee (not including the thesis defence) on the progress of the student's work will be given during the duration of the thesis.

Failure to Comply

See Graduate General Regulations 1.8 in the SFU Calendar or at the Dean of Graduate Studies Website.