In-class safety training

All students (undergraduate, graduate and teaching assistants) must attend and pass in-class safety training. This is required to participate in short courses before gaining access to the Mechatronic Machining and Testing Center (MMTC).

Machining course

All students must take a short course and learn how to use our machines and tools. Access will be given to students who have completed short courses for certain machine tools defined in corresponding courses.

Working alone policy

Students are not allowed to work alone in the MMTC. A tech or other designated skilled person must be present when students are working in the space.

Students must leave the area when the supervisor is out for breaks or has stepped out for other business.

The space will be considered CLOSED if the supervisor is absent or on vacation.

Student access expires at 4:30pm: there is no after-hours or weekend access.

Work ethics

Students must clean and tidy machines and tools and return all tools and materials before leaving. Failure to do so can trigger janitorial charges.

Food or drink is not allowed in the space. And cellphones or electronic devices are not to be used.

Training Cancellation and Withdrawal

The School may cancel course offering if minimum 6 seats per section is not filled (Registered participants shall be refunded accordingly.).

Participants may withdraw for 100% refund within 3 business days prior to start of classes.