Evaluating Green Stormwater Infrastructures: May 27, 2019


Rapid urbanization has induced significant changes in the land use patterns causing problems of water scarcity and increased flood risks in present-day cities. The common issues related to urban flooding include economic loss, traffic disruptions and impacts on public health. The increased runoff quantity and pollutants it carries can have profound impacts on aquatic and riparian habitats in urban streams. Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI), also known as low impact development (LID) is an emerging approach used for on-site management of stormwater runoff. Specific examples include rain gardens, infiltration trenches, green roofs, vegetated swales, permeable pavements, and vegetated filter strips. GSI is a potential technology for reducing the quantity and improving the quality of urban stormwater runoff, thereby reducing its adverse impacts. In this talk, the literature-based effectiveness of GSI for reducing the runoff quantity and various stormwater pollutants will be shared. In addition, the common barriers to GSI, especially in developing countries, and their possible solutions will be deliberated.

About the Speaker:

Ghulam Hussain is an Environmental Engineer who is pursuing his PhD degree at Institute of Environmental Engineering and Research (IEER), University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore Pakistan. Mr. Ghulam has been engaged, since last 10 years, in teaching and research at IEER, UET. The core areas of his research are ‘water treatment’, ‘stormwater management’ and ‘sustainable development’. He has also provided advisory and consultancy services for several projects of public interest, while working with Pakistani organizations and international agencies like UNICEF. In January 2019 he joined School of Resource and Environmental Management, SFU as a visiting PhD Scholar under Queen Elizabeth Scholarship (QES). As part of QES program, he has recently completed his internship with Fraser Basin Council (FBC). While working at FBC, he developed the ‘Quantitative Indicators’ and ‘Monitoring Framework’ for Salmon-Safe BC certification program, with particular focus on ‘Green stormwater infrastructures