Date: March 14th, 2019

Time: 1:00PM

Location: TASC 2, Room 8570

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The isolated community of Puerto Velazco Ibarra constitutes 150 members living in 40 family dwellings. The village is the only community on Isla Floreana and is dependent upon subsistence farming. Climate change is resulting in extended dry seasons which threaten water and food security. Failing biosecurity issues on the island are also threatening food security.

This brief talk will provide insight into the adaptation solutions that are being employed by the community to champion these growing threats.

About the Speaker

Andrew S. Wright is former high technology entrepreneur and currently an adjunct professor at SFU in the Faculty of the Environment.

Since 2007 he has actively engaged in promoting enhanced inner-city childhood education programs and ecological conservation efforts. In addition to directly

supporting the Great Bear Rainforest agreement via donation he has played a direct technical role in advancing land based closed containment salmon aqua culture in BC. The development of the Namgis Kuterra Fin Fish aquaculture farm is a direct result of these efforts. He is involved in a wide range of conservation endeavors and sits on the boards of various groups and initiatives.

He graduated from the University of Hull, England in 1986 with a first-class honors BSc and DipEng and subsequently in 1990 with a PhD in Microwave Engineering. Upon emigration to Canada he joined the advanced technology division of Novatel Communications. In 1992, he joined MPR Teltech in Burnaby and in 1995 co-founded Datum Telegraphic a company specializing in signal processing solutions for third generation wireless systems.