School of Resource and Environmental Management Planning program

The School of Resource and Environmental Management’s (REM) planning program is the only planning program in Canada that specializes in interdisciplinary training in policy, natural science, and social science.

REM’s planning program provides students with a solid understanding of the interplay of historical, biophysical, and socio-cultural factors; Indigenous perspectives; resource use and sustainability; geospatial, statistical, and modelling methodologies; and decision-making, communication, conflict resolution; and legislative/regulatory frameworks as they relate to natural resource and environmental planning. 

REM offers two planning degrees:

  • Undergraduate: Bachelor of Environment REM (Planning)
  • Graduate: Master's of Resource Management (Planning)

REM’s planning program is accredited with the Canadian Professional Standards Board (PSB) and The Canadian institute of Planners (CIP). The graduate degree has been accredited since 2004 and the undergraduate degree was granted preliminary accreditation in 2020.

Graduates are employed by all levels of government, planning agencies, First Nations, NGOs, and the private sector in Canada and abroad. They work in a variety of planning and related roles, including transportation planners, environmental planners, municipal and regional planners, land developers, policy analysts, food systems planners and more.

"I knew planning was the right fit for me because it provided opportunities where I could develop strategies and ideas to strengthen the relationship between nature and urban spaces."

—Karina De Sa Bastos E Silva, REM Planning student