doctorate program (PhD)

Program overview

The PhD program in Resource and Environmental Management encourages students to pursue high-level research and interdisciplinary education in natural resources and environmental management. As a truly interdisciplinary research degree, students develop core knowledge of environmental science, ecological economics and environmental policy and then embed these fundamentals into their doctoral research areas.

Students normally complete at least one course in each of the three core areas (environmental sciences, resource and environmental policy and planning, and environmental economics) during their first year in the program.

Required Courses

REM 698-5: Field Resource Management Workshop — This is a mandatory multi-day workshop held at the start of the fall term for new REM students. It provides an introduction to the current research happening in resource management as well as a chance for new students to connect across lab reasearch areas.

REM 611-5: Population and Community Ecology

REM 621-5: Ecological Economics

REM 644-5: Public Policy Analysis and Administration

Elective courses may be completed outside of the School of Resource and Environmental Management.

REM 898 Thesis Proposal Defense

By the end of their fifth term, students will sit an oral defense of their thesis proposal.  

REM 899 Thesis Defense

Doctoral students are expected to complete their thesis defense no later than the end of their 18th term (six years).