Program Accreditation

REM’s planning is accredited with the Canadian Professional Standards Board*.

  • The Master of Resource Management (Planning) has been accredited since September 2004 (renewal date August 2024).
  • The Bachelor of Environment REM (Planning) was granted preliminary accreditation by the PSB Board of Directors in July 2020. Provided the University files acceptable annual reports with PSB and undergoes a successful site visit resulting in accreditation, all those who have graduated from the program during the years of accreditation will be considered to hold an accredited degree and will be eligible for entry to PSB’s process through the Accredited Degree route.

*The Professional Standards Board (PSB) for the Planning Profession in Canada operates the “Certification and Accreditation Administrative Services Program” (CAASP) for the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) and its participating member Provincial/Territorial Institutes and Associations (PTIAs). One of the PSB services is administering accreditation reviews of university planning degree programs based on the accreditation program principles, policies, and administrative arrangements.