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The Centre for Forensic Research is designed to create new knowledge in the forensic sciences for the purposes of solving crimes, identifying human remains, determining elapsed time since death and circumstances of death on local and global scales. Our core researchers specialize in entomology, bone chemistry, anthropology, DNA and botany. The Centre is designed to attract researchers and students internationally who seek a facility with well-equipped, secure laboratories and experienced colleagues to create new research initiatives arising from the challenge of cold cases, recent deaths and large scale mass disasters. The Centre serves the research and day-to-day needs of law enforcement and death investigation agencies nationally and provincially. The services and product of the Centre for Forensic Research are available to all parties who seek an independent forensic scientific opinion.


G. S. Anderson
BSc(Hon) (Man), M.P.M., PhD (S Fraser)
Tel: 778.782.3589
Fax: 778.782.4140

H. Cardoso
PhD (McMaster)
Tel: 778.782.4171
Fax: 778.782.5666