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The Centre for Urban Governance is intended to further research on governance issues. Specifically its objectives include:

1. To provide a focus for research on issues and problems of governance - in Canada, at the municipal, regional/metropolitan, provincial and federal levels, in comparative domestic and Aboriginal systems and in the newly emerging global order.

2. To promote collaboration and research on issues of governance among scholars in a variety of disciplines located at Simon Fraser University.

3. To promote an institutional focus for international scholarship concerning issues of governance.

4. To provide a forum within the Vancouver metropolis, British Columbia and Canada for the presentation and dissemination of research and ideas on issues of governance.

5. To provide a facility in which data for the study of contemporary governance and related public policy can be collected, catalogued and made readily accessible through data management and exchange.

6. To provide a facility in which research and techniques can be made available for exchange with those having responsibility for contemporary governance.

7. To ensure that in keeping with SFU's commitment to local community outreach and connectedness research on governance also informs community discourse and decision-making.