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eBrain Lab

SFU’s eBrain Lab develops cutting-edge, innovative neuro-engineering solutions to prevent and treat mental health illnesses and addiction. The lab brings together world-leading expertise in multimodal neuromodulation technologies, wearable sensors, and digital health solutions involving artificial intelligence. With principles of community-engaged research at its core, eBrain Lab aims to pioneer real-world solutions for mental health.

The facility’s toolset often includes various forms of neurotechnologies (e.g., biosensors, brain stimulation), data mining techniques (e.g., signal or image processing, machine learning), virtual/augmented reality, behavioral assessments and computerized behavioral training.

The team is made up of translational scientists and research trainees with backgrounds in biomedical engineering, computer science, neuroscience—and from time-to-time—entrepreneurship, creating innovative solutions to address societal needs. 

The lab encourages collaborative efforts across multiple disciplines of science and engages with a number of stakeholders and partners.

SFU Mechatronic Systems Engineering Professor Faranak Farzan is the inaugural Chair in Technology Innovations for Youth Addiction Recovery and Mental Health. She is also the founder and scientific director of eBrain Lab.