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The University Research Ethics Board (REB) is a committee that is established by the university and charged with ensuring compliance with the Tri Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2) and Policy R20.01, Simon Fraser University's policy and procedures for review of ethical considerations arising from research involving human participants. Per R20.01, the REB's management and operations are the responsibility of the Vice-President Research and International, but it is independent in its decision-making authority.

Submission Criteria

A project will be reviewed only when the ORE determines that the information and materials submitted are sufficient to enable an informed review of the ethical acceptability of the research. Should information and materials be deemed insufficient, the application will be returned to the researcher for revisions.

Submission Deadlines

There are no deadlines for applications deemed to be minimal risk.  Minimal risk applications are reviewed by a delegated review pathway and in the order that they are received. Submissions that are deemed to be above minimal risk and require review by the Full Board must be received three weeks prior to the scheduled board meeting and must be deemed to be of sufficient quality to be considered for that month’s meeting. We strictly adhere to deadlines.

Meetings (full board)

The REB meets to review research studies on the second Wednesday of the month with some exceptions due to the university calendar. These meetings are closed to the public.



Last updated: March 3, 2023