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Program Overview

Partnership Grants (PG) provide support for new and existing formal partnerships to advance research, research training, and/or knowledge mobilization in the social sciences and humanities through mutual co-operation and sharing of intellectual leadership.  Partnership Grants are intended for large teams working in formal collaboration on disciplinary, interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, international, and/or cross-sector partnership arrangements.


  • Stage 1 – Up to $20,000 to help applicants prepare for the Stage 2 application
  • Stage 2 (Formal Application, by invitation only) – Up to $2,500,000 over 4-7 years, awarded to institutions

Minimum additional cash and/or in-kind contribution from partners: 35%



See PG Overview and Subject Matter Eligibility for additional requirements. 

  • Project Director: must be affiliated with the host institution (the applicant); may not also submit an application for a Partnership Development Grant in same calendar year
  • Co-applicant(s) and Co-Director(s):  eligible if from Canadian post-secondary institutions; not-for-profit organizations; philanthropic foundations; think tanks; or municipal, territorial or provincial governments; and international post-secondary institutions
  • Collaborator: any individual who makes a significant contribution to the project is eligible, including those not eligible as co-applicants

Proposal Development Support

Institutional Strategic Awards (ISA) is offering the following proposal development/pre-award support in partnership with Faculty-based grants facilitators:

  • SSHRC PG proposal development session and panel discussion. Register here.
  • Strategic consultations (optional, please submit a NOI form to request). Types of consultations available may include:
    • Early consultations on proposal idea and positioning
    • Consultations on non-research criteria (e.g., EDI, knowledge mobilization plan, training plan, governance structure, budget, reviewers)
  • Provision of internal resources (e.g., sample applications, templates, work plan - submit a NOI form to request)
  • Internal review of the draft proposal (optional, submit a NOI form to request)
  • Coordination of institutional support letter and VPRI match
  • Liaison with SSHRC, Research Services and other internal units
  • Project Management support (optional, submit a NOI form to request; level of support is subject to capacity). Project managers may be able to assist with the following:
    • Proposal development: budget development/justification, coordination of partner commitments/letters of support, overseeing proposal development milestones
    • Post-award management: Setting timelines/milestones, monitoring budget, facilitating subgrants, ensuring compliance, coordinating reporting, identifying/mitigating risk

Application Process & Selection Criteria

PG Stage 1:

  1. Application form and PDF attachments
  2. SSHRC CV and attachment for (co)Director(s)
  3. Letters of support from partner organizations
  4. Institutional support letter (arranged by ISA)
  5. SFU signature sheet

The ISA will provide additional information to teams invited to apply to Stage 2.

Selection Criteria (refer to PG Overview for more details):

  1. Challenge—The aim and importance of the endeavour (40%)
  2. Feasibility—The plan to achieve excellence (30%)
  3. Capability—The expertise to succeed (30%)


Source: SSHRC


Source: Other

Web CV, application

Stage 1 (up to $20,000)

Stage 2: Formal Application, by invitation, up to $2.5 million)

Last updated: January 27, 2022