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Research Services will review your application if it is submitted by Research Services. If your application is submitted by yourself, it may require the signature of an institutional research services representative. In order to have enough time to process your application and request, SFU has internal deadlines for external funding applications.

SFU internal deadlines are now THREE business days in advance of the funding agency’s external deadlines. For example,

  • If the external deadline is July 5 (Thursday), 2018, SFU internal deadline is 9:30 AM, July 2 (Monday), 2018.
  • If the external deadline is July 9 (Monday), 2018, SFU internal deadline is 9:30 AM, July 4 (Wednesday), 2018.

Why does SFU have internal deadlines?

The purpose of internal deadlines is to ensure that the staff of Research Services has enough time to review your application before submitting it or signing off on it on behalf of the institution. It also ensures that you have enough time to correct your application if any errors/omissions are spotted.

Please note your application will still be signed or forwarded to the funding agency even if the internal deadline is missed but it will be put in the queue behind others who submitted on time. This may result in the risk of missing the external submission deadline when Research Services is handling overlapping deadlines, or when you apply for large competitions.