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At SFU, we foster a supportive research environment that encourages students, faculty and staff to pursue their unique goals.

SFU promotes internationally competitive research and scholarship through the many units that serve our research mission. Research support services at SFU live in both individual faculties, as well as in central offices under the vice-president, research and innovation portfolio and office.


Research Facilitation

Research Grants Facilitators work with researchers to identify funding opportunities and develop competitive research grant applications. The Facilitators monitor and evaluate research funding developments and provide professional guidance to faculty members in the selection and preparation of research grant applications. Find your Research Facilitator.


Research Services

Research Services (ORS) advances SFU’s research mission by assisting faculty in obtaining and administering financial support for their research through grants and contracts. They help faculty navigate the full lifecycle of research projects, from pre-award application through post-award administration, to closeout. ORS manages the Opportunities Database, oversees the process of funding applications, negotiates and executes contracts, and is responsible for overseeing compliance with SFU, provincial and federal regulations. Learn more about ORS.


Research Ethics

The Research Ethics (ORE) team supports researchers through the ethics review process for research involving human participants, from the preparation of a new submission to the continuing review of ongoing research. Learn more about ORE.


Institutional Strategic Awards 

ISA is responsible for managing major institutional funding portfolios including the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Canada Research Chairs and Pacific Economic Development Canada (PacifiCan). The ISA team also assists with the more complex Tri-Agency grants, particularly when significant partnerships are involved. Services include both pre-award proposal development and post-award project management. ISA staff work closely with Faculty-based Research Facilitators to deliver a coordinated service. The mission of ISA is to increase success, reduce administrative burden and to make it possible for the university and SFU faculty to successfully compete for the most significant and prestigious grants, prizes and awards available. See more.


Technology Licensing Office

The TLO is focused on disseminating intellectual property (IP) knowledge, and providing IP protection and IP commercialization services to all SFU members.  The TLO supports all SFU members including faculty, students and university researchers in the strategic management of IP they generate through their inventions. Connect with TLO.


Animal Care Services

Animal Care Services (ACS) at SFU is committed to providing faculty, staff and students with high quality, cost-effective research and teaching animal resources. In addition to suitable housing facilities and animal husbandry services for animals used in biomedical research, ACS provides veterinary services, personnel training and expertise in common laboratory methodologies, anaesthesia and surgical techniques for rodents, birds and fish. Learn more


Environmental Health and Safety

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) department, under Safety and Risk Services, administers the Biosafety program which facilitates the safe and informed use of biological materials, and the Radiation Safety program, which facilitates the safe and informed use of radiation sources and devices. Integral to each program are the issuance of permits to support compliance with all regulatory requirements and related University policies. Visit the EHS department website.


Research Expertise Engine

SFU's Research Expertise Engine (REE) includes over 46,000 titles authored by SFU researchers, searchable by keyword, author, department or faculty. It is currently available to the SFU community and the general public. REE helps SFU researchers connect to colleagues with similar interests, or with whom new multidisciplinary collaborations can be built. It also helps researchers and graduate students from other institutions find SFU researchers and SFU research works. REE allows industry, government, partners and media to search for SFU scholars and research interests.