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Preparing competitive nominations requires considerable time and effort from a team of people: the nominee, the nominator, the facilitator, the reviewers, and the referees. The strongest candidates for major national and international awards are often those who have demonstrated their research excellence at the disciplinary level through society and best paper awards, keynote presentations, visiting professorships and the like. Faculties are encouraged to build an awards strategy into their faculty development plans.

Global Excellence Initiative

The national Global Excellence Initiative aims to boost Canada’s research profile on the global stage through nominating more scholars and scientists for major awards. The Tri-Council has offered support by:

  • developing an inventory of international research awards (a living document to be updated regularly); and
  • offering support to organizations in building “compelling dossiers” on their candidates in the application process for international awards, by facilitating external reviews of institutions' draft statements on major scholarly contributions required within the nomination package.

Institutional Strategic Awards serves as the primary liaison with the Tri-Agency Awards Coordinator.