Location/Resource Accounts

Every location or resource has its own account. When requesting a booking with a location or resource, you are essentially inviting it to your meeting, and similar to an attendee, the location can accept or decline the booking request.

Location/resource account FAQs

What is a location or resource account?

Location or resource accounts can be booked when creating an appointment or meeting. As a best practice, it is recommended that the location or resource account be added to the event under the People tab (as an attendee) to ensure it is properly booked.

A location or resource account is a separate account in SFU Mail that looks like a normal user account. While it does have its own account, you cannot sign into it with a username and password. It can only be accessed by logging into the resource through a personal account that has been granted 'Full Access' to it, by an Exchange Administrator. These accounts can also be managed by having the calendar shared to managers of the location or resource. Once the calendar is shared, managers can open the location/resource's calendar in their own personal calendar.

What is the difference between 'location' and 'resource'?

A location refers to meeting rooms, labs, open spaces, offices, etc., whereas a resource refers to any other bookable item (projectors, carts, departmental vacation calendars, absence trackers, other equipment). Please use the appropriate form when placing a request for a new account.

Are all location/resource accounts visible to everyone in SFU Mail?

Yes. All location and resource accounts are searchable when creating a calendar appointment or meeting.

How to submit requests

Location/room or resource accounts (searchable when creating a calendar appointment) can be requested by Departmental Assistants, Administrators, and Technical Support Staff. The form to request a new location/room or resource account is currently still in development.

If you urgently need to create a location/room account in the meantime, your department's technical support staff can request this from IT Services.

Submit a request to create a new account

View the online guide for Location/Resource Account Management

For a guide to using the request forms, see New Account Request Form Help

For further assistance, use your preferred method to Get Help.