Calendar Basics

Learn about the basics of SFU Mail calendar usage, such as navigating the calendar module, creating appointments, and responding to meeting invitations. See the step-by step guides from the list below.

Calendar Navigation

Learn the basics of navigating the SFU Mail Calendar module in the various applications using the links below.

Creating Appointments

Click the links below to learn about the basics of creating appointments/meetings in SFU Mail, including how to book rooms and invite attendees.

Modifying Appointments

Click below for instructions on how to make changes to meetings, including cancelling a meeting, in each of the Outlook applications.

Creating a New Calendar

Instructions for how to create a new calendar in your SFU Mail account can be found at the links below.

Responding to Meeting Invitations

Learn how to accept, tentatively accept, and decline meeting invitations below.

Setting Up Work Hours

Click below for information on how you can change your default work hours to reflect when you are actually in the office.

Setting Up Alerts

Learn how to set up your calendar alerts and default reminders for calendar events below.