Bullying & harrassment

Simon Fraser University is committed to providing a working and learning environment that is free from bullying and harassment and in which all members of the University community are treated in a fair and respectful manner. 

Bullying and Harassment includes any inappropriate conduct or comment by a person towards a member of the University Community that the person knew or reasonably ought to have known would cause the member of the University Community to be humiliated or intimidated.

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A Respectful Working & Learning Environment training module has been developed for SFU community members to remind us all about our responsibilities in contributing to respectful learning, research and work environments, help us understand what bullying and harassment behaviours are, and ensure we know where to turn for help.  This training is mandatory for all SFU employees, including faculty and staff. Students are also strongly encouraged to complete the training. The anticipated completion time for this training is 60 - 90 minutes.

Additional educational and training resources are available in the form of toolkits developed for employees, supervisors and students. 

Make a Report

If you have experienced bullying and harassment, you have the right to report, no matter how small you may think your complaint is. We encourage you to submit a report online.

Online Report Form

Get Support

A number of offices at SFU are available to support you in filling out the online report form and are available to help you understand your support and reporting options.


Office of Student Support, Rights & Responsibilities 

Office: 778.782.9456 or 778.782.6601


The Office of Student Support, Rights & Responsibilities is a resource for students.  Students can find out about their responsibilities and rights as members of the SFU community, and learn about the supports available to them, along with options for addressing concerns.


Office: 778.782.4563


The Ombudsperson is an independent, impartial and confidential resource for students. Provides information and guidance on students' rights and responsibilities in relation to SFU policies and practices.



Union Representatives

If you are a staff member supported by a collective agreement, please reach out to your respective representative for information and guidance on staff members rights and responsibilities in relation to SFU policies and procedures.

CUPE              PolyParty                    TSSU              APSA

Strategic Business Partner Services Team, Human Resources

The Strategic Business Partner team’s goal is to provide pro-active HR support to staff and staff teams on campus. Visit the website to find out who your Business Partnership contact is and how to contact them. 



Department Chair or Director 

Please contact the Chair or Director of your unit for information on your rights and obligations, along with potential ways to address bullying and harassment.

SFU Faculty Association (SFUFA) 

The SFU Faculty Association is the union that represents faculty members and librarians at SFU. SFUFA supports members in understanding their rights and responsibilities as it relates to the collective agreement and University policies and procedures which apply to faculty and librarians.