AGE-WELL Network

AGE-WELL NCE (Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology to Support Wellness, Engagement and Long Life NCE Inc.) is Canada’s technology and aging network. AGE-WELL is dedicated to the creation of technologies and services that benefit older adults and caregivers. Our aim is to help older Canadians maintain their independence, health and quality of life through technologies and services that increase their safety and security, support their independent living, and enhance their social participation. SFU STAR Director Dr. Andrew Sixsmith is joint Scientific Director of AGE-WELL and STAR supports AGE-WELL activities. 

Launched in 2015 through the federally-funded Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program, AGE-WELL addresses a wide range of complex issues in technology and aging through receptor-driven transdisciplinary research, training programs, partnerships, knowledge mobilization and the commercial development of technologies. AGE-WELL is funded through the NCE program to the end of fiscal year 2022-2023.

AGE-WELL drives research and innovation across eight Challenge Areas (CAs), designed to “move the dial” when it comes to supporting older adults and caregivers in Canada—and achieving social and economic impact. AGE-WELL research projects are supported by six Crosscutting themes.

AGE-WELL has 42 member universities and research centres across Canada. Nearly 400 industry, government and non-profit partners have joined our network and the number continues to grow. Over 4,700 older adults and caregivers are involved to ensure that products are practical and useful.