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Simon Fraser University's STAR Institute has produced a new research brief titled The Future of AgeTech - Achievements and Future Directions in Technology to Support the Health, Independence and Participation of Older Adults. The research brief provides an overview of AgeTech, where the sector is headed and the ways in which SFU STAR Institute has had a major impact in the field of technology and aging. We look back over the last seven years, highlighting our key activities and initiatives, and introduce the institute's exciting future directions. View the report above. 

Learn more about SFU STAR's Future of AgeTech program of research HERE.


LEADS Partnership - SFU STAR Institute & Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University's STAR Institute and 411 Seniors Centre Society have partnered since 2018 on community-embedded projects, initiatives, and impact case studies, to promote healthy and active aging in an increasingly digital world. Learn more by viewing the LEADS partnership infographic above.

Learn more about LEADS projects by visiting our LEADS page HERE

Learn about the partnerships approach and commitment to community-based participatory action research HERE


New SFU STAR Institute Report - AgeTech, Ethics and Equity

Simon Fraser University's STAR Institute has produced a new report titled AgeTech, Ethics and Equity: Towards a Cultural Shift in AgeTech Ethical Responsibility. STAR received funding from AGE-WELL's Catalyst Funding Program in Healthy Aging in 2023 to carry out a project on ethical design and practices in AgeTech research titled International Consortium on Ethics in Technology and Aging (ICE-TEA). This report was developed following the project's first three international workshops.

Learn more about this report HERE

Learn more about ICE-TEA project HERE

STAR Institute News Highlights

May 09, 2024

New Special Issue: Technology, Aging, and Mental Health: Opportunities and Challenges
 collaborated with the Journal of Aging and Mental Health and SFU STAR Institute to produce a new special issue on technology, aging and mental health. SFU STAR Institute's Director Dr. Andrew Sixsmith was the series editor, along with Dr. Theodore Cosco. STAR provided project management support. 

March 14, 2024

The IncludeAge Project - Website is Live!
IncludeAge focuses on how we can improve the inclusion of middle to older aged people (40+) with Learning Disabilities and/or people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender + (LGBT+), by learning about their experiences of being included in physical places and online spaces. SFU STAR supports this project. Learn more about the project and check out the new website today!

March 11, 2024

Older Adults and the Digital Divide - Capital Current Interview with SFU STAR Director
SFU STAR Director Dr. Andrew Sixsmith was recently interviewed for an article that explored how regulation would help make more technology accessible for older adults. Read the article today. 

March 04, 2024

Special STAR Project: ICE-TEA: Internaitonal Consortium on Ethics in Technology and Aging
The SFU STAR Institute received funding from the AGE-WELL Catalyst Funding Program in Healthy Aging in May 2023 to lead on a project that addresses ethical challenges in AgeTech with the aim of co-creating a way forward with national and international communities. 

February 27, 2024

LEADS - A Community-Based Partnership
STAR and 411 Seniors Centre Society have partnered on countless projects and activities since 2018 with the partnership officially being named LEADS: Learning, Equity, Aging, Digital for Seniors in 2021. Learn about how STAR has and continues to support 411. 

December 19, 2023

CBC Interview with SFU STAR Institute Director on Equity Barriers
STAR Director Dr. Sixsmith was interviewed for CBC's BC Today show to discuss equity barriers around older adults use of technology. Watch the interview today. 

December 12, 2023

Current Major SFU STAR Institute Projects
Learn about STAR's current projects at the following links:
1) Healthy Lifestyles and Wellness Challenge Area project - SFU STAR & AGE-WELL
2) ICE-TeA Ethics & AgeTech project - SFU STAR & AGE-WELL
3) Better Connected project - SFU STAR & 411 Seniors Centre Society
4) IncludeAge project - SFU STAR & University of Dundee

November 20, 2023

AgeTech Innovation Week 2023 Survey
If you attended ATIW 2023, AGE-WELL would be grateful if you would provide feedback on your experience. To complete the evaluation survey, please click HERE. The survey will close on December 1, 2023.  

November 01, 2023

AgeTech Innovation Week 2023
AgeTech Innovation Week, hosted by AGE-WELL and supported by SFU STAR Institute, took place in October 2023 in Toronto. Learn more about this premier event and STAR's involvement. 

November 01, 2023

AGE-WELL Conference 2023
The annual AGE-WELL Conference took place in October 2023 in Toronto during AgeTech Innovation Week 2023. Learn more about the conference this year and STAR's involvement. 

August 14, 2023

IFA Global Café - In Conversation with Dr. Andrew Sixsmith
SFU STAR Institute Director Dr. Andrew Sixsmith took part in the International Federation on Ageing's (IFA) Global Café, presenting on "The Future of AgeTech." 

June 22, 2023

AGE-WELL/STAR Institute Webinar: Global Issues in AgeTech
STAR Director Andrew Sixsmith and STAR postdoctoral student Becky White led an interactive discussion on some of the key challenges and opportunities to develop socially just and appropriate technologies to support the well-being of older people worldwide. Watch the webinar today. 

March 14, 2023

New SFU STAR Institute Research Brief: The Future of AgeTech
Check out our new research brief on the AgeTech sector, SFU STAR Institute's impact in the field of technology and aging over the last seven years and our exciting future directions!